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Suggie Trees & Playgrounds
Available in ANY size! All orders are 100% customizable, you can have just about
anything you desire!!!! No order to big or to small.
Sugargliders are very curious and playful. They do best when stimulated daily in their
environments. This tree not only provides an attractive addition to your glider's
environment but the stimulation and enrichment recommended for a happy and healthy
Please allow approx 4 - 6 weeks for delivery as all orders are custom made after your
order is placed. Made with strong PVC pipes and soft, no pil fleece that is completely
removable for washing.
Suggie Trees
If you don't see what you have in mind, let me know!
Apples are currently
Photo courtesy of Tara Evans
Foragers $60
Has 4 pvc "vines" that hold foraging containers. Measures approx 12" tall and 18" wide.
Color shades may vary.
Suggie Hollow $20
This unique "tree" has a hollow,
about the size of a baseball for
your glider to sleep in! Cage clips
on the back to secure to cage
wall for safety!
Tree is approx 12" tall.
Christmas Playground $75
This festive Christmas tree
features "ornaments" and a pouch
inside for sleeping and hiding.
With only 6 pieces of PVC,
assembly is a breeze!
Measures approx 24" tall.
Jungle Playground $125
Vines, foraging cups, toys, and a
tire swing!
Measures 18" wide x 36" tall
Flower Playground $45
Has a large roomy pouch with
large floppy petals!
Stands approx 26" tall
Out of Stock
Playground $100
Measures approx 20" tall, 30"
wide and 21" deep
Out of Stock
Suggie Ferris Wheel $75
Measures approx 16" tall x 21"
wide at base (wheel is approx 1
sq foot) and the "bucket cars" do
Out of Stock
Mini Playground $25
Measures 8" x 8" x 8"
Suggie Chandelier $50
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